Publish the Paper on Impact Management on Japanese Journal with Japanese Leading Institutional Investor

IMPACTLAKE has published joint research results, developed with the support and collaboration of leading institutional investor and the academic institution, focusing on the evolution of impact accounting and the use of logic models in business strategies on a Japanese journal, Disclosure&IR (TAKARA D&IR Research Institute).

As businesses aim for sustainability, Impact Management—advanced ESG—is becoming more vital. Our joint research simplifies Impact Management, using Impact-Weighted Accounts to quantify impact universally. This method includes a logic model for visualizing corporate ripple effects and articulating business strategies. By adopting this integrated approach, we highlight the practical importance of Impact Management for companies and investors.

IMPACTLAKE will continue various initiatives and collaborations in the field to promote the simultaneous achievement of social value creation and sustainable growth for companies, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.



Tentative Study on Impact Management
~Proposals for Integrated Logicmodels on Corporate Strategy~

Authors (in no particular order and titles omitted)

Reona Sekino (Chief Executive Officer, IMPACTLAKE Co. Ltd.)
Toshiyuki Imamura (Head of Responsible Investment Dept. Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.)
Yumiko Miwa (Professor, School of Commerce, Meiji University)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Impact Management
  3. Existing Methods of Impact Management and Their Practical Issues
  4. Recommendations for an Integrated Model as a New Approach
  5. Examples of Application of this Approach(Examples in Specific Domains)
  6. Discussion and Conclusion

Bibliographic Information

Published on Disclosure&IR (TAKARA D&IR Research Institute)

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