Unlocking Impact: Visualize and Maximize Value

IMPACTLAKE aims to “create and build new standards of value” that do not rely solely on capitalism through the visualisation and valorisation of impact. Impact management will become even more important not only through the promotion and market penetration of impact management itself, but also by making the new value that results from it recognisable and tradable.

Impact Management Support

  • Practical impact management consultancy for companies and investors.
  • At the same time, quantitative and qualitative challenges that may arise in the near future are resolved through the use of digital tools that are built through the systematic accumulation of information and knowledge.

Impact-based New Market Building

  • Provides new markets and financing instruments based on the impact that companies and activities have created or could create.
  • Creating a new value-based economic sphere, rather than a mere appeal, by assigning a clear value to the impact.

Impact Management Consulting

Impact management in all aspects, from corporate, business and investment impact assessments, to the formulation and implementation of various strategies using these assessments, and the establishment of systems for this purpose.

Impact Management Tool

impactlake™, a digital tool to help everyone implement impact management practices more quickly, easily, accurately and continuously.

Impact Economy Finance

IMPReFi (currently under construction), a token-based ecosystem for not just visualising and managing impacts, but also recognising value for them.