Sharply Shape Your Value.

IMPReFi is an impact finance methodology and impact economy based on the impact generated by corporations, investors, and other impact-driven entities.

What is IMPReFi?

We offer a funding scheme through tokens based on the anticipated economic value of the impact created or possible to create, with the assumption of continuous impact management. Those primarily interested in impact-driven entities and impact investors who are focused on themes and initiatives such as the following are encouraged to inquire. We will provide individual explanations about the details upon request.

Impact-Generating Companies and Organizations

Impact Investors and Buyers

1. Impact Generation through Business Activities
2.Promotion of Continuous Impact Management
3.Impact Performance, Planning, and Accounting
4.Token Issuance Based on Impact

This allows for the clear identification and declaration of the location of value in created impact, enabling external appeal. Furthermore, there is the potential to receive economic returns in the future as value is attributed.

5.Token Purchase (Bilateral)
6.Accumulation of Impact through Tokens
7.Distribution Among Companies and Investors
8.(As Applicable) Offsetting and More

This allows for reinforcement of one’s own business and investment activities. Additionally, it provides investment opportunities and portfolios focused on the impact generated rather than individual company performance.