IMPACTLAKE promotes active collaboration with various partners who plan to maximise their impact on society as a whole. By combining the strengths of each partner with those of our company, we aim to maximise impact from a variety of angles, including the development of various businesses and solutions, and the structuring of other investment projects.

Although there is some basic overlap in the functions we offer as a collaboration theme, there is a high potential to maximise the value we provide through strong partnerships, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Institutional investors and venture capitalists/CVCs and private investors promoting or seeking to promote impact investment, sustainable investment and other related activities.

Examples of Themes
  • Building and supporting impact management for reinvestment and discretionary investments.
  • Comprehensive support in single and joint engagements.
  • Establishment of evaluation PKGs such as ESGDD, Responsible Exit DD.
  • Etc…

Consulting Firms

Those who are or will be supporting listed and unlisted companies in impact, sustainability and related topics.々

Examples of Themes
  • Strengthening efforts to address impact as a top agenda item and addressing SX themes.
  • Building joint PKGs, including impact assessment and impact-driven idea generation on individual themes (business strategy, new business planning, etc.)
  • Joint service provision using the impact management tool impactlake.
  • Etc…


Businesses related to impact and those promoting other initiatives (banks, regional banks, SaaS companies, finance providers (non-banks), etc.)

Examples of Partnerships
  • Structuring sustainability-related products (e.g. sustainability-linked loans).
  • Complementary impact management functions in digital tools, use of data.
  • Joint service provision using the impact management tool impactlake.
  • Etc…