Boot Your Impact.

As the relationship between ESG and corporate value is being proven from multiple perspectives, the importance of impact, especially as a positive aspect, is increasing and is now expected to become the new lingua franca both internally and externally. It is envisaged that it will become the new common language within and outside the company.

Accordingly, ‘impact’ will be added to the axes of decision-making and expression in management, business and investment activities. In other words, when making decisions and formulating strategies, it is necessary to consider the size of impact as a third axis, in addition to the conventional evaluation axes of marketability and competitive advantage, or to consider ‘consistency with strategy’ and ‘consistency with the company’s philosophy’ from an impact perspective. It is also important to include impact as a core element in internal and external communication.

Consulting Services

The basis for these studies is the visualisation of an impact model (logic model) that shows the company’s impact creation path and the quantification of the impact created by the company’s activities and plans. IMPACTLAKE supports impact modelling and impact evaluation/quantification based on systematised know-how and knowledge, and also provides various consulting services around the same themes.

Internal Disclosure and Dialogue

Quantitative and qualitative expression of the true attractiveness of companies, businesses and investments from the perspective of the impact they create.

  • Disclosure and engagement
  • Promotions
  • Inner branding

Impact Management

Establish an impact-oriented organisational management system.

  • Impact assessment of individual projects (e.g. investments and loans)
  • Incorporation of impact into business and human resources evaluations
  • Internal and external data collection and ongoing evaluation flow development, etc.

Strategic Planning and Accompaniment Support

Support decision-making that factors in impact, not just financial return.

  • Long-term vision and medium-term management plan development
  • Business and R&D strategy development and new business creation
  • M&A, open innovation, etc.


Understanding of the practical aspects of the business, taking into account the perspectives of both companies and investors.

  • Knowledge and strengths in how to integrate and mutually utilise the perspectives of both corporate evaluation (from the investor’s perspective) and management strategy (from the company’s perspective), rather than in isolation.
  • Support for the development and implementation of strategies for solving social issues and creating impact for both companies and investors, as well as experience in quantitative evaluation of these strategies.

Leading Company

Corporate Strategy

Rather than imposing general frameworks and standards for impact, we have been able to develop an evaluation and utilisation system that is compliant with them, but with a more than sufficient understanding of practice and objectives.

Rapid assessment using digital tool preset models.

  • In practice, it makes no sense at all to spend time on the evaluation itself, so it is most important to complete the evaluation as quickly as possible and to spend time on interpretation and considering actions based on it.
  • We use not only our experience and knowledge, but also specific assets such as tools and logic models to complete the initial evaluation in the shortest possible time.

Venture Capital


Impact evaluations used to be very time-consuming, but the evaluation itself can now be completed in as little as 1-2 weeks with a standardised system, expanding the scope of strategic use.

One-stop, continuous and flexible parallelism for the realisation of the purposes.

  • In this theme, which requires medium- to long-term initiatives, it is not a one-off organisational study, but contributes to the establishment of a system and Ops using the impact. management tools developed by the company.
  • As a result, it also contributes to internal culture building, etc. We can also handle other derivative themes and strategy building, and contribute to the realisation of SX.

Asset Management

Fund Manager

The increase in the number of investment targets and indicators to be managed was impractical in traditional IMM, but now full-fledged impact management can be achieved by building Ops on the premise of the tool.

Case Studies and Achievements

We have a track record in impact assessment, quantification, and generation, with the following notable achievements.

ClientCase Studies and Achievements
General Trading CompanyStarting from impact assessments related to the target business domain, we assist in the selection of the next business areas considering their impact, and the formulation of entry strategies such as M&A.
Japanese Leading Precision Equipment ManufacturerSupport for the formulation of medium-term visions and strategies from an impact perspective, clarifying which industries to enter in 10 years’ time by looking backwards from trends in social issues, and formulating entry strategies.
Japanese Major Asset Management CompanyWe provide support for impact assessment and quantification of domestically listed equity impact funds. In the field of impact assessment for listed equities, this represents the first comprehensive evaluation case in Japan.
Government AgencySupporting the identification of start-ups and other investment targets in the region and Japan, with a view to solving local social problems overseas, and evaluating their impact.
Venture CapitalWe focus on impact assessment and quantification for impact funds (investments), offering support in communicating with investors and partners, while also establishing an ongoing evaluation framework and operations.

Detailed Information and Proposals

If you are interested in the above services, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the link below. Additionally, by answering a few questions during your inquiry, we can provide you with the most suitable proposal after careful consideration at IMPACTLAKE. We kindly request your responses to help us serve you better.