Unlock Your Impact.

impactlake™ is the industry’s first impact accounting tool that offers one-stop support for impact management and impact accounting for corporations, investors, and other impact-driven entities. It enables the maximization of impact created through the “visualization” of impact. impactlake™ covers the key processes required for impact management, including information gathering, model creation, impact accounting, and internal and external disclosure.。

The Challenges of Impact Management

Impact Assessment and Impact Management Have Faced the Following Challenges:

  • Adapting and Keeping Up with Evolving Disclosure Standards: Companies find themselves constantly grappling with the need to adapt to changing disclosure standards and requirements, often with limited resources.
  • Lack of Clarity on What to Disclose: Many companies are unsure about what specific information they should disclose to receive meaningful evaluations.
  • Investor Evaluation Dependency on Limited Information: Investors often have to rely on disclosed information and publicly available data for evaluating companies, lacking a comprehensive view.
  • Lack of Systematization in Internal Processes: Unlike financial information, internal processes related to impact management are often less structured, leading to concerns about data reliability.
  • Increased ESG Workload: Over 90% of companies report an increase in workload related to ESG activities compared to five years ago.
  • High Costs for Investors: Investors face high fund management fees, often ranging from 10% to 30%, while also dealing with the qualitative and variable nature of impact evaluations, making cross-comparisons challenging.
  • Limited Qualitative Evaluations: Many evaluations are qualitative and lack a standardized framework, making it difficult to compare different entities.
  • Analog and One-Sided Dialogues: The predominant mode of communication tends to be analog and one-sided, often failing to facilitate meaningful two-way discussions.

The Offered Features of impactlake™

An Impact Management Tool that Addresses Qualitative and Quantitative Challenges like the ones mentioned above, impactlake™ offers a comprehensive set of features and information to cover all processes required for impact assessment and management. It primarily provides the following functionalities:

Impact Model Construction

impactlake™ allows for the construction of impact models in an intuitive tree-like UI format, customized for approximately 30 different domains. This customization ensures that stakeholders can easily comprehend the models while effectively conveying a company’s unique appeal without the need to start from scratch in organizing the pathways to impact generation.

Impact Measurement and Management

Efficiently Implementing a General Impact Assessment Process that Incorporates the Latest Insights. Moreover, it allows seamless integration from the constructed models to individually managed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enabling a streamlined end-to-end quantification process, thus preventing discrepancies and variations among evaluators.

Impact Accounting and Disclosure

Quantifying and Economically Valuating the Impact of Investments and Business Ventures, it enables integrated Impact Accounting and Report Generation for the entire portfolio or organization. It goes beyond performance tracking, allowing for the management of future impact creation plans, their forecasts, and progress tracking.

The Value Proposition of impactlake™

Efficiency in Operational Workload

  • In order to sustain activities for impact assessment in the initial year and mitigate immediate operational burdens that can pose challenges, we aim to reduce complexity. Additionally, rather than continuous reliance on external resources, we encourage internal management to promote soft transformations such as internal understanding and awareness of impact. Simultaneously, by streamlining the involvement of stakeholders and reducing their workload, we can shift the focus of stakeholder interactions towards more meaningful conversations.

Advancement of Evaluation and Dialogue Frameworks

  • “By leveraging standardized and generalized frameworks and concurrently reducing evaluation costs, it becomes possible to expand the scope of assessment nonlinearly.
  • As a result, it becomes possible to visualize contributions to impact not limited to individual case assessments, but also in the capacity of an investor.
  • In addition, the progression of such initiatives maximizes returns to stakeholders through the impact of investment and business activities, potentially resulting in business growth and increased corporate value.



IMPACTLAKE’s consulting services are inherently linked to impactlake™, contributing to the establishment of a foundation for advancing impact management seamlessly and continuously, rather than concluding with isolated impact assessments.

Furthermore, within impactlake™, digitally and comprehensively managed information can be stored in a tamper-proof manner, establishing a high level of reliability. This serves as the foundation for future utilization of IMPReFi, a token-based impact finance system.