Protection of information assets and compliance with laws and regulations

IMPACTLAKE Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as ‘the Company’) protects all information assets held by the Company as the subject of information risk management and complies with laws, regulations and other norms relating to information security.

Establishment of information security system

We take all possible precautions against natural disasters by installing our databases and servers in safe locations with earthquake and fire protection structures. We also use firewalls and virus detection software and have a 24-hour management system in place to prevent unauthorised access and viruses.

Management of personal information

Each employee of the company is thoroughly trained in the handling of customers’ personal information. We also take the utmost security and safety measures to prevent the loss, destruction, unauthorised disclosure outside the company and falsification of personal information received from our customers.

Information security training

The company has established regulations for the handling of information assets and continuously implements information security education and training for all employees involved in information security.

Review and revision of security policy

In order to respond flexibly to changes in the legal system and social conditions, we strive to continuously review and improve the content of this Security Policy. The revised content shall be posted on the specific webpage linked from the home page of this website, and the revised content shall become effective one month after it has been posted.

Inquiries about the security policy

We accept opinions and questions regarding our security policy at the following contact points.

Inquiry contact