Business Alliance with Edge International

IMPACTLAKE has entered into a strategic business alliance agreement with Edge International, Inc. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshitaka Aso), Japanese Leading IR support firm, to strengthen corporate transformation (CX) support for client companies.

As an IR support company with a top-class track record in the industry, Edge International, Inc. has been helping client companies build a corporate value enhancement story that appeals to their uniqueness and future potential through the production of integrated reports. With the spread of integrated reports and the development of a framework for ESG information disclosure, the information disclosed by companies has been expanded, and dialogue with investors and other stakeholders has become more fulfilling. At the same time, it will become increasingly important to explain more logically how the information is related to the uniqueness and future potential of the company. In addition, a logical growth story and quality content drawn from information collected extensively while working with the client company will become a powerful tool to support corporate reform not only in the area of information disclosure, but also in terms of human resources, organization, and business.

Through this strategic business alliance, the two firms will further improve the quality of corporate communications by making the growth stories of existing and new clients more logical and actionable. Furthermore, we aim to realize sustainable and competitive management of Japanese companies by combining “verbalization and storytelling” with “impact management support”.

IMPACTLAKE will continue various initiatives and collaborations in the field to promote the simultaneous achievement of social value creation and sustainable growth for companies, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

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Headquater:Minato-ku, Tokyo 
President:Yoshitaka Aso 

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