Business Alliance with HRGL in the Area of Sustainability

IMPACTLAKE is pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic business alliance agreement with HR Governance Leaders K.K. (President & CEO: Shigeru Uchigasaki, hereinafter “HRGL”). With this agreement, IMPACTLAKE and HRGL will begin consulting services for client companies, conducting research on impact creation, and collaborating to help Japanese companies create innovation and achieve sustainable management through impact creation.

Partnership Background

As a trusted ” primary care doctor” for CEOs, HRGL has been helping many companies to create sustainable growth stories. In its Mid-term Vision 2030, HRGL states that the value it seeks to realize is “to maximize the true corporate value of Japanese leading companies. Behind this is a strong desire to “contribute to the enhancement of true value, which includes not only market capitalization, but also future financial value and social impact.

Based on this strategic business alliance with HRGL, IMPACTLAKE will provide consulting services in the area of impact management to existing and new clients, and accelerate research and spreading awareness about impact creation, aiming to create innovation and realize sustainable management through impact creation for Japanese companies.

IMPACTLAKE will continue to promote impact management support (visualization of impact) and the creation of new impact-based markets (valorization of impact) through IMPACTLAKE™, with the aim of creating social value and sustainable growth for companies.

Contact Us

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