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It goes without saying that Purpose Management and Sustainable Management are top of the agenda for companies. It has already become clear that the medium- to long-term value creation story for the realization of these goals not only serves as a guideline for companies, but also plays a particularly important role in evaluations by investors and other external parties. The term “impact (investment),” which has been in the news recently, has various definitions, but IMPACTLAKE defines “impact management” as a strategy and means of execution to maximize the medium- to long-term value creation.

The purpose of this service is to objectively learn the current status and potential of the impact created by your company, and at the same time, to help you take the first step toward materializing the actions necessary to realize your value creation story and to link this to ongoing impact management.

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  • Impact evaluation and economic value evaluation based on the “investor” perspective based on joint research with major financial institutions, but also from a practical corporate perspective
  • Consistent implementation from target impact setting to impact accounting
  • Not merely an impact assessment for external disclosure, but leads to the formulation of policies and specific actions necessary to maximize the impact
  • Continuous impact management and delivery with a view to permeating the corporate culture with the strategy of purpose and value creation through these activities, and to Ops (Operations) to realize SX (Sustainability Transformation).


  • Those who are in charge of corporate planning, new business, R&D, ESG promotion, IR, etc. for large to medium-sized business enterprises.

Output Summary

Basically, we will report on the following items (output image).

Quick Review of your company’s existing sustainability initiatives

  • Value Creation Story, Materiality Map, and Other Medium- to Long-term Strategies and Current Initiatives
  • Status of ESG and other sustainability-related disclosures

Visualization of the impact your company creates/will create and its relationship to medium- and long-term strategies

  • Clarification of impact creation pathways (part of the value creation story)

Quantification of the impact your company creates/will create, simplified impact accounting

  • From business activities (with the impacts defined above in mind)
  • Other management activities (mainly environmental and employment impacts are assumed. (For the environment and other areas, if there are already management activities, input those already in place.)
  • Build a concrete action plan for the future based on the above


(All deliverables will be tools + ppt report)

Spot plan (from 9,000USD)

Visualization and economic valorization of specific/individual themes (about [3] themes, regardless of actual/future plans)

Standard Plan (from 30,000USD)

Visualization and economic valorization of specific/individual themes (about [3] themes, regardless of actual/future plans)

Advanced Plan (estimate required)

In addition to the above contents, even clarification of specific action directions based on the results of evaluation and construction


4-8 weeks (*For Standard Plan. Spot plan is 2-4 weeks)

  • First week: Initial MTG (interviews, etc.)
  • Weeks 2-3: QA, initial draft construction of impact creation pathway, etc.
  • Weeks 3-4: Initial report and discussion
  • Weeks 5-7: Quantification, economic valorization, etc.
  • Final week: Final report and discussion
  • (Follow-up as appropriate)


  • Impact evaluation itself is not the main objective. It is also not an index rating based on self-serving evaluations.
  • It is intended only as a guideline for determining the direction of actions necessary to optimize and maximize the impact creation activities of the entire company, with a view to achieving essential improvements in corporate value (sustainability management) and the realization of a sustainable society.

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